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Business at work

ways of banking and other services to its customers.

C 3.

The impact of ICT on internal and external communications

Importance of ICT

IT is vital to Tesco because every aspect of its operation is controlled or monitored by IT - stock, distribution, payroll, accounts, and so on. For example, when an item has its barcode read at the checkout, the system not only logs the price onto the till, but also logs the financial transaction between Tesco and the customer and the fact that the stock has been reduced by one item. On the distribution side, instructions from the mainframe computer are sent directly to fork-lift truck operators at depots by radio links.
All stores are connected to the mainframes at Head Office via the Tesco
Network. There are a large number of different applications that stores use both independently and via the mainframe connection. For example there are
Personnel and Scheduling systems in-store, and access to electronic mail via the mainframe.

IT capacity
Tesco has a three-level architecture with mainframe, middle system servers and PC clients. Their main frame has a 6 million Mb storage capacity
(equivalent to 6 million 500-page books!). Their private digital network to
600 stores has a capacity of 11.5 Mb. They use some 100 Tesco-written computer applications and over 200 PC packages.

How much does Tesco spend on IT each year?
Last year, Tesco spent about Ј133 million on IT, that is about 1.4% of turnover.

How does that compare with other companies?
A recent independent survey of Europe's leading 500 companies in all commercial and industrial sectors placed Tesco 112th overall in Europe in terms of IT spending, but 3rd in the list of European supermarkets, and 1st amongst British supermarkets. [Source: Information Week 19-20/12/97].

How many on-line card authorisation requests does Tesco receive each day?
Over one million on-line card authorisation requests are dealt with every day.

Internet site
The Internet site receives 250,000 hits per week and was used to launch
Tesco's home shopping service and the Tesconet Inertrnet Service provider.
The internet site has proved to be a great success, with the introduction of Tesco Direct, the home ordering and delivery service. Such "home shopping" is becoming increasingly important as more and more customers gain access to the internet via home PCs. Sainsbury's, one of Tesco's great rivals, has also now launched its own home delivery service via the internet.

Tesco own Internet site. Home page.

ICT systems used by Distribution Department
IT has revolutionised all aspects of the selling, ordering, distribution and analysis of Tesco products. The operation of Tesco large distribution centres is a highly complex business. In recent years new computer systems have revolutionised distribution operations, allowing more effective stock control procedures, increasing productivity and making the best use of time, space and labour.
The base system used to control the distribution operation was purchased from Dallas Systems and customised to Tesco requirements. There are two particularly important sub-systems, known by the acronyms DCOTA and DCAMS.
DCOTA (Distribution Centre On-board Terminal Access) is a system which sends information by radio directly to the special terminals in the trucks of the fork-lift truck drivers at the distribution centres. The system controls the movement of stock and trucks in order to make the most efficient use of time and space, automatically matching up locations and trucks. As soon as one assignment is finished, the next brief will be transmitted to the truck-mounted terminal, showing the driver where to go next. Every warehouse location has a check number prominently displayed on the racks; this number is entered by the driver each time he visits a location, enabling the computer to check that each pallet has been placed in the correct slot.
DCAMS (Distribution Centre Assignment Monitoring System) is the system that monitors how far each job has progressed, and the deployment of staff. It is available to supervisory staff via hand-held radio frequency terminals, enabling them to predict and pre-empt problems by re-deploying staff and, if necessary, changing work priorities.
Radio frequency communications are also used in the checking in of goods.

Ordering by stores now relies heavily on IT, using Sales Based Ordering.
Data is received by the distribution centre from the Head Office mainframe system, and then passed to the warehouse systems described above.

These mainframe computers are among the largest in Britain. The mainframes are either IBM or compatible (Amdahl), running IBM operating systems. There are mainframes situated in two separate locations.

The loss of a whole mainframe would have serious effects, and for this reason company has two mainframes to provide backup capacity. In the event of a disaster which involved the complete destruction of one of the computer centres, the other could re-establish these vital systems within
48 hours. The backup procedure is tested regularly each year.
The backup systems for the distribution depots include specialist routines that allow depots to switch between computer sites, and are at the leading edge of data processing technology. If a complete computer centre were lost, IT communication with all affected depots would be re-established within six hours at the most.
Goods are now ordered from suppliers using a system called Electronic Data

Interchange (EDI). Orders for goods are transferred to the suppliers electronically using a service called INS-TRADANET. The use of EDI keeps suppliers precisely informed of Tesco requirements for company's stores. It allows Tesco to run the business more effectively and efficiently because of its speed and accuracy. It is both quicker and more cost-effective than telephone, post or fax, and eliminates errors due to loss, or to wrongly printed orders.
EDI is also used for: sending sales forecasts so that suppliers can anticipate demand and reduce lead-times for stock to reach the stores securing the best payment terms and discounts for Tesco simplifying the invoicing process, so that invoices are generated automatically and postage and paperwork are eliminated working internationally, to eliminate time and language differences.

ICT systems used in Management.
Management Information is data stored electronically for use by business executives at all levels to support their decision making. This type of information is typically historical, and needs human interpretation before a decision is made. Tesco is planning to introduce a new system, called
Data Warehouse, which will give much greater analysis and flexibility, and will further enhance the ability of managers to make informed decisions.

The sections below describe Tesco's current Management Information environment, and the planned Data Warehouse, broken down into four topics:
Business use, Technology, Data and Analytical tools.

A) Business use
Current Management Information
Access to summarised data at pre-defined levels
Most decisions made at a macro (e.g. regional level)
Planned Data Warehouse
Access to in-depth information for informed decisions
Decision made at micro level, e.g. in store
Use of balanced score carding for suppliers, stores, etc. with supporting details
Use shopper behaviour to influence new lines, promotions, and product ranging.

B) Technology
Current Management Information
Mainframe, text-based reporting and analysis
Downloaded to local PCs for in-depth analysis and graphics

Planned Data Warehouse
Specialised hardware and software to manage data (the 'Information
Information from the Information Warehouse to be accessible from anywhere within Tesco and available also to designated outside users, e.g. suppliers, agencies
Cost of computer hardware and software is "scaleable", i.e. Tesco can add processing power and storage capacity at reasonable cost and in manageable chunks to keep pace with the information needs
Dedicated NCR machine and peripherals.

C) Data
Over 10 million customers, over 60,000 products and 586 stores
Current Management Information
Data held on mainframe, PC or on paper
Internal data analysed using SAR reports and MAS analysis tool (see below)
External data received by EDI or on paper
Planned Data Warehouse
Data collected from Tesco operational systems and external sources, and stored centrally to provide one consistent source of information
Data is stored on customer behaviour, product performance, branch performance supplier performance, depot performance
Data held at lowest level to enable ad hoc

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