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When we have time for leisure, we usually need something that can amuse and interest us. There are several ways to do this. People use radio or television. They switch on the radio set or TV set and choose the programme they like best. Some people like music. They listen to various concerts of modern and old music, new and old songs, and see dances. Those who are fond of sports listen to or watch football and hockey matches. These are the most popular kinds of sports. There are a lot of fans among people. They can also see championships in athletics and other kinds of sports. Radio and television extend our knowledge about the world. Television helps us to "visit" different lands, see new plants, animals, unusual birds, fish and insects, mountains and valleys, lakes, rivers and seas. We are shown different countries, cities and towns and people who live there. This is what we can do at home.

If we want to go out, there are a lot of cinemas, theatres, museums and clubs where we can spend our free time. It is often difficult to decide where to go in the evening. Newspapers tell us what is on at cinemas and theatres. If you are a theatre-goer, you will choose a play you want to see. If you are a film fan, you will go to a cinema. Those who are interested in music may go to a concert. Some people like to go to discos, some people prefer to go to see their friends or to go to a restaurant. Old traditions are coming to life. In some places they build "Huts, on hen's legs", taverns in the old Russian style, where people can-meet their friends, have pleasant talks, eat Russian food and listen to Russian music. So you can see how interesting are the ways in which leisure time can be spent.

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