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British press

British press

Probably in other country are there such great differences between the various national daily newspapers-in the type of news they report and the way they report it. On the one hand, there are the "quality" newspapers: The Times, The Independent, The Гаджієв, The Financial Times and The Daily Telegraph. These concern themselves, as far as possible, with factual reports of major national and international events, with the world of politics and business and with the arts and sport.

On the other hand, there are the "populars" and "tabloids", so-called because of their smaller size. The tabloids-the most widely read of which are The Daily Mail, The Daily Express, The Daily Mirror, The Sun and The Daily Star-concentrate on more emotive reporting of stories often featuring sex, violence, the Royal Family, film and pop stars , and sport. It's often said that the popular press aims to entertain its readers rather than inform them.

The tabloid press is much more popular than the quality press. In some countries, newspapers are owned by government or by political parties. This not the case in Britain Newspapers here are mostly owned by individuals or by publishing companies, and the editors of the papers are usually allowed considerate freedom of expression. This is not to say that newspapers are without political bias. Papers like The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Express and The Sun, for example, usually reflect conservative opinions in their comment and reporting, while the Daily mirror and the Guardian have a more leftwing bias.

In addition to the 12 national daily newspapers there are nine national papers which are published on Sundays. Most of'' Sundays "contain more reading matter than daily papers, and several of them also include" colors supplements "-separate colors magazines which contain photographically-illustrated feature articles. Reading a Sunday paper, like having a big Sunday lunch, is an important tradition in many British households. Besides, nearly every are in Britain has one or more local newspapers. The British are of the biggest newspaper-reading nations in the world.

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