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There is nothing like traveling to my native planet Mars

There is nothing like traveling to my native planet Mars.

Hello, dear friends. Our time is an epoch of conquest the Solar System.
Nowadays people live on almost each of the planets in our system. Only
Mercury and Pluto had showed no hospitality for people to settle there.

My native planet is Mars. Apropos it is the first conquered by people planet of the Solar System. In 2019 a man arrived the Mars at the first time. It was a great achievement of science and technologies. Since that time the mastering of this planet began. Great successes in science made possible to fully provide people with energy (miraculous solar batteries with great power were invented) and with free breathing on the surface of
Mars (not so long ago people presented for Mars a beautiful atmosphere, which is like Earth's one).

Distance from Earth to Mars is no more than 0.6 AU so your flight will be short and pleasant (certainly if you choose the best season for the trip
- when planets are the closest to each other) - in any event it will be pleasure for you to make a mild flight in a comfortable spacecraft. Speed ??of modern spaceships is over than 1000 km per second - in the past people could only dream about it. The way from Earth to Mars and back is servicing very good with the best and reliable spacecrafts.

So you are on Mars. There are many spaceports all over the planet and you were quickly delivered to nearest, were seeing over the Mars from height. You can walk on its surface in every direction - as you made it on
Earth. The beauty of marsian hills and mountains really delights. There is nothing like that contrast between orange sand and beautiful blue sky or transparent clear water in seas and lakes - people had to melt some of marsian ice, because of necessity of providing enough quantity of water in atmosphere (for light breathing). On Mars there are even competitions in mountaineering. Now thousands of daredevils conquer the highest mountain, which is 27 km about height. All TV channels observe this interesting event. Mars has its own flora - fertile soils were found and the plants from Earth were brought. But they are different from Earth's - because of different conditions (the year on Mars lasts two on Earth's years) - you should to see them obligatory. Our cities are all orange because of building material - they are very beautiful. Also we can suggest you an excursion to Asteroid Belt. Would you think about it? To walk on real asteroid?

So you must visit Mars, you haven't seen anything like that before. I hope that convinced you.

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